MİRAY MEDICAL was established in 2005 in Bursa.The area of ​​expertise is Ophthalmology. Our mission is to support in need of any kind of product portfolio of an eye doctor. Furthermore, we need to have our country’s needs, taking into account the developments in the field of health in Bursa by signing a policy decided to invest in industry. Miray Medikal has began its operations in the closed area which reached 750 m2 with the additional facilities completed in 2012. Miray Medical has devices equipped with state-of R&D lab. Authorized dealers and sales representatives spread all over Turkey offers the best quality products to the Turkish People and the Turkish Physicians. Our quality policy in 2195 CE, EN ISO 13485:2003 and EN ISO 9001:2008 certificates are registered with the production and services are based on these principles. The field of ophthalmology in Turkey about a lot of firsts MİRAY MEDICAL is valuable to our people and expert doctors and experienced staff to provide better services and products, we will continue to work harder.
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Understanding needs of customers with broad perspective is part of our strategy and culture. We are integral part and participant of the society we live in. We are sensitive for community needs. Avareness that human factor is basis of the our success. Differences between our employees is considered a power source and we are proud of the fact that our employees have given to respect in all circumstances and values. We strive to continuously improve our performance. When we decided to do a job we complete that with best posibilities, most accurate, most efficient and timely manner. We look for ways to do a better job next time. Being a successful company, we recognize the necessity of our work together across geographic boundaries to meet the changing needs of our customers. We give importance to human health and committed to the highest ethical standards and quality in our work to improve the quality of life.




Our Vision is to become a respected, creditable, reliable and leading company committed to continuous improvement in accordance with ethical principles in the therapeutic areas we are involved in the opthalmology.To achieve this target, we will become the main supplier of high-quality and cost-effective products to provide continuous access for people to healthcare services.Howewer,We will become a leader in the opthalmology by reaching the highest performance in the market. Our Mission is to add value to human health by offering high-quality products and services for Turkish people and opthalmologist.We will achieve this by demonstrating high performance, and by focusing on customer needs and on employee development and satisfaction. Awareness on Environment, Labor Health and Safety and Social Responsibilities ; Miray Medikal ,within its scope of business, strictly abides by the laws and regulations concerning the environmental issues and Labor Health and Safety, strictly complies with the business ethics, and pays ultimate attention to preventing of pollutions and work accidents, and to protecting of the environment and its employees by adopting and encouraging the convenient waste management, recycling, and reusing practices. Our goal is to be the leading company in Turkey in the field of ophthalmology, technology is needed in this area, We always searching for better and adding value to become first-class global company.

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