Ocublu Try-Trypan Blue




0,02%, 0,04%, 0,06%


1 ml in vial / 10 per box
1 ml in syringe / 10 per box


Ocublu-Try Trypan Blue 0.02% - 0.2 mg 1mL

Ocublu-Try Trypan Blue 0.04% - 0.4 mg 1mL

Ocublu-Try Trypan Blue 0.06% - 0.6 mg 1mL


Ocublu-Try Trypan Blue® is a sterile intra-ocular solution which stains the anterior lens capsule to visualize the capsulorhexis during cataract surgery.


Rapid and easy application
Improved visualization of the anterior lens capsule
Excellent distinction of the capsulorhexis margin
Reduced risk of incomplete capsulorhexis
Reduced surgical time
Steam sterilized


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